FCI-Standard N° 60

Swiss Short-legged Scenthound pictured with the tricolour (berner-colour),
the dogs type is representative for all possible colours

Origin: Switzerland

FCI-Classification: Group 6 Scenthounds and related breeds
Section 1.3 Small-sized Hounds.
With working trial.

Utilization: Scenthound hunting the game by giving tongue.
He hunts on his own.

Brief historical summary: At the turn of the century,
the system of shoots (hunting grounds) was introduced into several Swiss Cantons.
As the opinion was that the generally popular medium-sized Swiss Hounds (Schweizer
Laufhunde) were too fast for enclosed shoots, it was decided to replace them with
smaller short-legged Scenthounds. The new smaller breed, bred through planned
selection of stock and suitable crossing, was called "Niederlaufhund" ("Short-legged
Scenthound"). It distinguished itself by the following qualities: relatively low a height at
withers, coat colours similar to the medium-sized Swiss Hounds, with a melodiours cry
when hunting and searching and with a very passionate determination to find game
and to do track work.

General appearane: "Swiss Hound" type, smaller in proportion than the Schweizer Laufhund.
Rectangular in shape, moderately long, well built. medium-sized, clean, noble head with
friendly alert facial expression.
Ears very long, set on low and carried folded. Limbs lean and robust. When moving slowly,
the tail is carried hanging down; in action it is curved slightly upwards.

Behaviour/Temperament: Passionate small Scenthound, withexellent nose, deft, untiring
and keen scenthounnd with exellent nose. Steady on the trail and hunting with melodious
cry. He reliably searches and drives the game with great determination, even on difficult
terrain. He also excels in tracking wounded game. Friendly character, not nervous and
never aggressive. Temperament calm to lively.

Colour: Allowed are all types of colours as follows: white and black with tan markings (Small Bernese Hound),
blak with tan markings (Small Jura Hounds), blue speckled with black mantle(Small lucerne Hound) and white
with orange-red mantle (Small Schwyz Hound) as well as all mixed colours of those.


Size: Height at the withers: Males:   35 - 43 cm, Females:    33 - 40 cm, Tolerance: +/- 2 cm





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